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I'm Chris from Sineglider.

I've kept the membership price to a minimum, to be about the price of an half an album a year. (well it wouldn't let me do £1 a month, so this is now even cheaper).

I aim to release about that much music per year and a few exclusive songs, demos, early mixes, notes on recording, videos and other things I can think of to keep this personal and fun.

Given the nature of these noodlings, many of the tunes will be sub two minutes, so really, will be soundscapes, little commercials (I might even make a few videos), title tracks to films that don't exist and me just messing with synths and guitar effects (and guitar effects on synths)

Any money received will be plowed back into upgrading my studio with new instruments and sounds. I'd really love a decent orchestra library. Trust me they are stupidly expensive.

So please come along on this journey with me and see what I can come up with, with your help!

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  • For £5/year, you get everything above.
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  • For £11/year, you get everything above, plus:
    My eternal gratitude and I will put your name in the EP credits and even let you name a song or two (as long as they are not rude).
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Shrewsbury, UK
Music for films that will never be made.

Sineglider is a Shropshire based electronic and ambient soundtrack artist.

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